Schoenbaum Center

Month: December 2017

Educating Young Minds

Charleston Child Care and Learning Center

“This is where the Power of Education begins”

Positive, Play-Based Learning

Charleston Child Care and Learning Center customizes “The Creative Curriculum”, a comprehensive early learning program to build children’s confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills. A living curriculum, taught by qualified teachers, is rooted in child development theory and based in the well-researched idea that play is essential to healthy growth.

38 research-based objectives make up the heart of the curriculum and guides the work of our teachers with the children in their classrooms. The objectives, predictors of school readiness, are aligned with Early Learning Outcomes Framework.

Our Programs Serve:

  • Infants, Toddlers and Twos (children from birth to age 3)
  • Pre-school: Children age 3
  • Pre-K: Children age 4 or born before September 1

Education For All:

Open, inclusive. and diverse, our curriculum gives teachers the tools to work with all types of learners. From English and dual-language students to advanced learners and children with disabilities. Our goal is to help every child reach their full potential.

Our Principals:

  • Adults form the foundation. Successful learning is built on a foundation of securing relationships with caring adults who engage in meaningful, positive interactions with children.
  • Connection is the key. Making friends and connection with class mates is a big part of success at school.
  • A child’s work is to play. We support the development of the whole child by capturing their interest and maximizing their capabilities through constructive, purposeful play.
  • Space and place are important. The physical space we provide is designed with intention and purpose. The learning environment is intended to serve as an invitation to investigate and inspire the joy of discovery and life-long journey.
  • Learning is a partnership, a close collaboration between teachers and families that forms a full-circle of growth and learning.


Mr. Tony Ingram, Program Director for Charleston Child Care and Learning Center