Schoenbaum Center

Schoenbaum Center’s Open House

The Schoenbaum Center’s Board of Directors hosted an Open House on November 16, 2017. The colorful pathway took our guest through SFEC’s past and ended up with a look at our future. SFEC’s Board Chair, Josie Counts, and SFEC’s President & CEO, Loretta Jett-Haddad, guided our guests through each station, which included a high-top table, tablet with photos, and a foam core board explaining our history. As they followed the journey they learned about how the Schoenbaum Center has made an impact on Communities, Businesses, Non-Profits, and Government/Elected Leaders from the year span of 1999-current day. This was also a chance to welcome our newest Board Member, Berkeley Bentley, from Bailey & Glasser, along with two new Committee Members, Fazal Shere of Bailey & Galsser, and Evan Shamblin of Suttle & Stalnaker.