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Hope Grew with Modern Woodmen


Hope Grew with Modern Woodmen

On November 1, 2010, the Schoenbaum Center had the great pleasure of welcoming a very valued tenant partner. Today, June 14  , 2017 we bid farewell and best wishes to Earl Hardaker and his team from Modern Woodmen of America. One of the greatest joys is being there to watch your friends grow and take on great opportunities with their organization. We know you will continue to spread smiles and light up lives!


“Through our collaborative partnerships here at the Schoenbaum Center, the friends we’ve made, the partnerships we’ve forged, has allowed Modern Woodmen the great opportunity to grow, and for that we are forever grateful.” – said Earl Hardaker, Regional Director at Modern Woodmen of America


“Meeting Earl Hardaker through a mutual colleague was a great thing. I found out we have a shared passion for helping people create the future they desire for themselves and their families. When we met at the Schoenbaum Center he said “I need to be here” He took words out of my head.

For seven years, the Schoenbaum Center family of tenant partners have been amused by Modern Woodmen’s staff light heartedness, joined hands to serve our community members, and have helped make the Westside that much brighter by the valuable work accomplished.

With bright sadness, we support our friends as they grow out of their space with us, and into their long-term goal of owning their own place-now a reality. We are still neighbors, always colleagues, in pursing that shared passion. We will be seeing you at our place and yours!”- said Loretta Jett-Haddad, President and CEO at the Schoenbaum Family Enrichment Center