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National Make a Difference to a Child Month: By our tenant partner


DSC_1078I was approached to write an article on National Make A Difference To Children Month, and explain how Connect would be participating in this event. This special month happens each July, and suggestions for activities for this month include: doing an activity with a child, supporting an organization that serves children, telling policy makers to support initiatives for children, and telling other people about the campaign. As I started the article, I thought, “That will be easy. We help children every day.” At Connect, we help families receive subsidy assistance for child care while they work and go to school, assist families with finding child care, and by offering trainings and resources to child care providers to help improve the quality of the services they offer to children. After I listed all of the things we do at Connect for children, I thought to myself, “We make a difference every day because it’s our job, but what more could we do?”

Making a difference to a child doesn’t have to involve a month long celebration. Making a difference doesn’t have to be some spectacular event with banners and balloons. Making a difference doesn’t require money, special training, or a credential. Anyone can do it.

Here are 5 easy tips on how you can make a difference:

-Ask a child about their day, their favorite character, their favorite toy, or anything to start a conversation.

-Spend an hour playing with a child. Let them choose what to play.

-Have your next meal with a child sitting down at a table with no electronics.

-Spend some time with a child outside. Take a child fishing, swimming, to the park, to a garden, or on a walk.

-Read a book to a child.

At Connect, we specialize in making a difference for children every day. In reality, we can all make a difference to a child every day by devoting a little bit of time and attention. For more ideas on how you can make a difference, contact us at 304-414-4488 or stop by our office at the Schoenbaum Center.


Toni McKinley


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