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By Brent Pauley, CEO, EnAct Community Action

EnAct Community Action has seen its share of changes over the past seven years, from logo changes, to office moves, to changes in leadership, but two important things have remained constant. First, our stability and growth. We have remained true to our mission to help move low-income individuals and families from poverty to self-sustainability. This is being accomplished by an extremely dedicated team and their ability to obtain new grants and stretch existing funds. Last year EnAct set a record of receiving new grants for workforce development, summer work camps for home improvements, and food and baby pantries.

In addition to our traditional programs and services, such as emergency assistance, workforce development, educational assistance, money management training, EnAct added a new program in late 2014, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT). This program has grown to seven vehicles, 13 new employees (many of which came from our low-income workforce development program) and is now the largest NEMT provider in the state of West Virginia.

In the spring of 2015 we added Personal Care as another Senior Services program in addition to our Aged & Disabled Waiver in-home care services. This program will help us continue to grow and offer services in the every growing, aging population of West Virginia.

The second constant that has served EnAct well, is the stable location of our central office at the Schoenbaum Family Center (SFC). Being able to remain in the same location while experiencing such growth has been a blessing. Growth is a big enough challenge without adding the change factor on top. The SFC has been supportive of our mission and growth and we know that we can rely on them whenever we need internal assistance, meeting space, or just an attentive ear.

EnAct will continue to seek out new opportunities to better serve our mission and we want to thank all that have been supportive and will continue to be so. We also challenge and welcome any new collaborative partners to join in and experience the wonderful things that can happen as a result of teamwork. Please visit our website at for additional information on our programs and services.

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