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Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial

Earl Hardaker, Regional Director

Earl Hardaker, Regional Director

Modern Woodmen of America is a member-owned fraternal financial services organization. We secure futures with financial guidance and products and touch lives with fraternalism. Since 1883, Modern Woodmen has brought people together, supported families, and strengthened communities nationwide.



Products and Subsidiaries

Daniel Blevins, Managing Partner

Daniel Blevins, Managing Partner

Modern Woodmen’s main product lines are life insurance, annuity and investment* products designed for the family market.

Established in 2001, MWA Financial Services Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Modern Woodmen that functions as a full-service broker dealer and distributes securities products.

Modern Woodmen Bank opened for business in 2003 and provides a complete array of personal banking products and services.

Member Benefits

Jean Ann Goodman, Administrative Assistant

Through fraternal programs, benefits, and activities, Modern Woodmen infuses more than $20 million into local communities every year.

Approximately 2,400 local chapters nationwide offer fellowship and community service.

More than 900 youth service clubs nationwide instill the values of community service, citizenship, cooperation and respect for self and others.

*Stats effective as of Dec. 31, 2013


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