Schoenbaum Center


How is “Schoenbaum” pronounced?


What is the Schoenbaum Center?

The Schoenbaum Center is West Virginia’s first nonprofit complex, which means we provide space for nonprofit organizations, service providers, and resource programs to call home. Currently, we house nine tenant groups, including Schoenbaum Family Enrichment Center, Inc., and each tenant provides valuable resources to the surrounding community with a special focus on family and child development.

What resources are offered?

The Schoenbaum Center and its service providers offer numerous resources, from child care to emergency services and financial planning. Our current tenants are:

Who can use the center’s resources?

Anyone who needs resources provided by the Schoenbaum Center’s tenants can access them. Each service provider may have limitations you need to know about, and they can be contacted directly for more information. You can find out more about each service provider and how to reach them on our Services page.

Where is the Schoenbaum Center located?

We are located conveniently at the corner Patrick Street and 5th Avenue on the West Side of Charleston. The closest public landmark to our location is the Kmart shopping center on the corner of Patrick Street and 4th Avenue.

When can I visit the Schoenbaum Center?

Each tenant sets their own business hours, so we do not have hours posted outside our building. Approximate hours can be found on our Services pages for each tenant. Please contact each of our tenants directly to learn more about their business hours.

If you would like to reserve a meeting space for a time outside of business hours indicated on the reservation form, please contact us at 304.414.4400 or

We also host special events at the center, and most are free and open to the public. Check back here and follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with dates and times for our events!

How can I use the Schoenbaum Center to host my event?

We would be happy to host your event, and that falls under renting our meeting space. We can accommodate all types of events, including receptions, parties, special events, and more. The rates for our meeting rooms apply to most of these events, but any specific inquiries should be directed to

How do I rent space for my event at the Schoenbaum Center?

Please refer to our Rent Meeting Space page.

How can I lease space for my organization?

Please refer to our Lease Space page.

Where do my donation dollars go?

Donations to Schoenbaum Family Enrichment Center, Inc. go where they are most needed unless specified. When you make a donation, you are welcome to ask for it to be applied to a certain resource, such as our child care center, resource library, or sponsoring meeting space rentals. Donations also ensure financial stability and the center’s ability to continue to provide all our current resources to the community with the potential of adding more in the future.

How can I donate?

We offer a convenient online donation form, but we also accept donations by mail, by phone, and at our front desk. If you would like to talk to a Schoenbaum Center employee about a donation, please call 304.414.4400. If you prefer to mail donations, checks made out to SFEC or Schoenbaum Center can be mailed to Schoenbaum Center, 1701 5th Ave., Ste. 1, Charleston, WV 25387-1900

How can I connect with the Schoenbaum Center?

We offer several options for connecting with the center. If you would like to join our mailing list or receive our newsletters, please visit our Newsletter page. We are also on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. For additional ways on how to get involved, you can always visit! Step Inside Your Schoenbaum Center today to learn more, or email

Do you have a dental clinic and doctor's office on-site?

The Schoenbaum Center no longer has a dental clinic or any medical services. Our former tenant, Family Care, offers medical services and should be contacted directly. 

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