Schoenbaum Center

Lease Space

The Schoenbaum Center offers affordable, flexible building space in a welcoming environment and well-maintained complex. The center’s approach to providing versatile spaces for all types of resource programs creates a collaborative environment for tenants. Our family and children-focused service centers support a community both within and without the center’s walls, which means our tenants can expect to be involved with a group of forward-looking, knowledgeable, and like-minded leaders in the nonprofit sector.

Prospective tenant service providers can be confident in expecting:

  • Accommodations for space from one office to a large suite (up to 6,500 square feet)
  • Two floors of space with large common areas
  • Well-lit, ample, free parking
  • Broadband internet, including Wi-Fi access and VoIP phone services
  • Affordable, rentable conference rooms
  • Covered drop-off area at the main entrance
  • A short walk to restaurants, shopping, and recreation/exercise areas

If you are interested in learning more about the Schoenbaum Center’s available leasing space, please call 304.414.4411 or contact us by email.